Surprising reasons why women sexually desire men

Many people believe that men are the ones with sexual desires, but women have them too. Women have many different types of sexual desires and needs that aren’t always related to reproduction or intercourse. 

Women’s sexual desires can be complex, but there are themed reasons behind many of them. It might be surprising, but your female friend, significant other, and Perth escorts have passions that ignite based on various themes, including power, love and control.

The Desire To Dominate A Man

Women’s desire to dominate men and be dominated by men is one of the most interesting aspects of female sexuality. The desire to dominate a man can be seen in many different ways. 

Some women want to be in control, while others prefer being submissive. Some like being the aggressor, while others prefer their partner take charge. Some like having sex with someone who is more experienced than them or less, while others enjoy feeling more knowledgeable than their partner.

The reasons why women have these desires are varied. Still, these all stem from an innate need for security and safety within a relationship, which can often lead us back again towards our evolutionary roots as hunter-gatherers. 

Cropped view of handcuffed woman sitting on bed in underwear.

The Desire For Power And Control

It’s a well-known fact that women are more likely than men to be aroused by a man who is in control and dominant. This is because females are naturally drawn to power and control, and it also makes them feel safe.

When a man is assertive in bed, whether it’s something like asking for what he wants or taking charge of the situation, it signals to his partner that they can trust him with their body. 

This feeling of safety creates arousal for both people involved; it allows them both to relax into sex without worrying about things like their appearance or performance anxiety getting in the way.

The Desire For Love And Affection

Women want to feel loved and cared for. They want to be treated with respect, listened to, and heard. Women have been conditioned since childhood to believe that being loved and cared for is something that comes from being good at what you do. 

If she is successful in her career, smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, or talented enough, maybe one day, someone will love her back. And when this doesn’t happen? Well, then, there must be something wrong with them.

But it’s not about whether or not a woman is good enough. It’s about whether a person actually wants to be with someone, despite shortcomings. Women need love just as much as men do, and they deserve it too. 

Women Feel Powerful When With A Man

This is why so many women like it when their partner orders them to do something sexual that they wouldn’t normally do on their own. It makes her feel like she has no choice but to comply with his demands because he’s in charge of the situation and knows exactly what he wants from her sexually. If she doesn’t comply with his wishes then he might leave her.

In Conclusion

These are some key triggers that make women desire men. While there are many more, these themes, such as the desire to be possessive and dominant, power and control, love and affection, are all essential in understanding what makes a woman want sex with them.